Case study of PUBG

About PUBG:

The “players unknown battleground” which also known as PUBG.  Pubg was launched on 23rd march 2017 and till the now 500 million people downloaded the game, the net worth of pubg is $5 billion. The project of pubg is highly successful.

People are crazy about pubg many people are buying new expensive phones for just to play pubg.

pubg is a game where you enter in a map with 99 others and fight for a living till the end (the one who stays last in the game gets a reward known as “chicken dinner”) this game is similar as a Hollywood movie named “The Hunger Game” in picture people kill other to live and same in pubg but the only difference in pubg is it’s a virtual game.

Founder of PUBG:

“Brendan Greene” was the photographer, not a game developer but he was the game lover the love the game ARMA2. Hence, he got a curiosity to make something better, after, watching the “The Hunger Game” movie he got inspired and now making the game started.

Success of PUBG:

Pubg game launched on 23 March 2017. Before coming to play store pubg sold millions of CDs of pubg game. months-after-months, pubg started gaining gamers attention, within one-year pubg game users were in millions.

Hence they didn’t stop anywhere, they keep updating the game, making the best user-friendly game interference. Their best part was in ADM were in some minutes your team has to kill opponent 40 times.

Hence, if you are a gamer you won’t say that you haven’t played this game.

The game wherein public now, people loving this game than any other. There is hardly any teenager in India who haven’t played pubg or whom mobile didn’t have a pubg game.

Therefore, pubg is the number one game worldwide. With the net worth of $5 billons.

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