From a village to an Entrepreneur

My name is Vikas Gupta today I am going to share my journey of Life among you all. My father was a farmer, We were too poor back in the days we don’t use to get a full meal to eat. I was 12 years old at that time. my father and mother have sacrificed a lot for me. At that time I understood I have to do something in my life and give my parents that happiness they deserve. So I came to Mumbai with just 50rs in my hand with a dream of becoming something in Life. Mumbai is a dream city but It has its own struggle. I have only studied till 10th standard after 10th I have to left my studies because of my financial condition. I worked in a factory where there was one kind of machines i.e vertical machines, It requires a lot of hard work to perform. For one day of labor, I used to get 30rs. I used to stay at my friend’s house. We both used to work in that factory we worked for around 2 years. By gaining some experience in that machine we both decided to purchase one machine which cost around 10k. We both decided to do in partnership. Somehow money was arranged but the main problem was space, so we decided to do in his house he agreed on this and later on everything were arranged but we needed clients for that, I used to go in my bicycle to search for clients, In that machine, all kind of small plastic product was manufactured, so finally we somehow got one client we started the work and we worked very hard for this and we were getting profit but one day we got notice of over usage of electricity because my friend used to stay in Government’s headquarter within Government’s headquarter they used to pay the electricity bill, so we decided to take a factory in rent and we took a loan from bank for one more machine, then we used to get orders from clients we had divided the work I was looking for clients and my friend was handling the machine we kept one more worker for a machine. Our business was blooming but one day my friend decided to start his business on his own he broke the partnership with me, I was alone I was thinking that how will I managed all this by myself at the time. I decided to close the business because of the many pressures but I didn’t quit I backed myself that I was never a quitter I came to Mumbai with some dreams and I have to achieve that then I started working day and night for the business I sold my two old machines and I took new machines on loan due to that my business was on track I was getting more orders from clients. My business kept on expanding day by day. The quote is like that Hard work pays off – It definitely pays off when you are alone each day is like you are learning something new. My friend business got shattered and he is working in a 9 to 6 job. I miss him sometimes because he has supported in my hard times. But he is settled now. I have two factories with 10 machines enough workers I have achieved enough for myself. I had very hard times in my life were only quitting was the only answer but I fought by myself and overcome all the circumstances. My parents are so proud of me what else I want in my life. I have shared my journey from a village to an entrepreneur may it inspires many people in Life.

Moral of the story- Never quit in Life. Life will always give you enough chances to prove your self and always back your self to do something in Life. And always remember from where you came and now where you are.

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