Importance of Education and Learning in 2020

In today’s date education is the most important thing for any human being, 60 years ago there was an age of industries (it means that if you have industry nobody can stop you from making money).

But now, the time has changed, and now its an “INFORMATION AGE” (now if you have a perfect, up-to-date knowledge of the market and new market trend you can make a hell lot of money.)

Since the internet is on boom now, anybody can learn anything.

The significant question is how to become a self-motivated learner?

The only way to become a self-motivated learner is to deeply understand the value of knowledge. As Stephen covey says Everything is “inside-out” not “outside-in” in his book of 7 habits of highly effective people. Our aim to phrase this sentence is to encourage you to see inside you and ask yourself “why”, why should I learn.

After deeply knowing  “Why” you should start Educating yourself. Then ask to yourself “where am I lacking, where should I need to improve” write down that answer in your journal and start reading, watching the video, listening podcasts, etc about it.

You will start Growing. hence, you will also find a huge change in your life.

Remember:-“Education will change your mind, but execution will change your life.”

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