Marketing strategies used by Xiaomi to sell Millions of TVs in India


“Apple of China” Xiaomi entered the Indian market on July 15, 2014, with an exclusive sales tie-up with Flipkart for smartphones.

Currently, Xiaomi is dominating the Indian smartphone market with big margins, Xiaomi has given tough competition to various other brands in India.

Xiaomi has won the hearts of Indian customers by selling quality products with maximum specifications at affordable prices.

Xiaomi as a company is not going to stop, it’s coming with new products like Mi Trimmers, etc.

Today we are going to discuss the strategies that helped Xiaomi to sell over 2 million Mi TVs in India in a Time span of just over 15months.

 let’s have a look at Marketing strategies used by Xiaomi to sell Millions of TVs in India


Any brand cannot survive in the market by deteriorating the quality of its products. No brand or product can achieve big success without quality. Like smartphones, Xiaomi made sure that they provide TVs with great features available at affordable prices.


Smart TVs are still new in India as compared to other markets, users are not fully aware of the concept of smart TVs. Xiaomi did well here, they displayed smart TVs in such a way that they look very easy to use. To create awareness and to educate Indian audience Xiaomi launched advertising campaigns that created awareness about Mi LED TV and its smart features.


Xiaomi mainly focused on TV watching audience and featured celebs who can target all age groups. Its campaign is creative and yet portraying a simple story showcasing Mi TV and a family’s day-to-day interaction around it, showing how Mi TV is an integral part of Families. The campaigns are giving the message that Mi TVs are for everyone.


Are there any other strategies do you think benefited Xiaomi’s growth ?! Let us know in the comment section 👇.

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