From broken heart to an Entrepreneur- Rahul Sharma

When I was 14 years old I got to hear about the term called an entrepreneur, at that time I didn’t try to find the meaning about it obviously because I was too small. I was a very weak student in academics, somehow I managed to clear my 10th board exam, after that I joined polytechnic in electronic and telecommunication and within 6 months I dropped out, it was very difficult for me, I was unable to understand anything, I was finding it very tough, so after dropping out I dint have any idea what I will do, I was clueless for 2 to 3 months what I will now do, and I was also not trying to figure out what I will do, I was just used to sit in my house and watch YouTube videos, one such day I was watching some comedy video and down of that video in recommendation I got to see a video that titled how to control your mind by Sandeep Mashwari, I was like what is these lets watch, I watched the whole video and I was stunned after watching it because I never saw that kind of video till that time in my life, so slowly I started watching other videos of Sandeep Mashwari, then in one such video of his he mentioned the word Entrepreneur, I was like wow what this means it sounds amazing so I googled it then I came to know it means a person who runs a company or organization, so then onwards I started collecting knowledge more about it, I started to know who all out there in the world are entrepreneurs, I googled it a lot, I found some of the famous entrepreneus like Steve Jobs and bill gates and many more, I started to know about their journey and I was totally fascinated, so then I decided to be an entrepreneur, but I dint had any knowledge about business, how businesses work, so after 2 months I took admission in 12th commerce (private) so then I started focusing on 12th board exam but simultaniously I was also reading articles about entrepreneurship, started reading books about entrepreneurs and businesses. and at last, I completed my 12th board exams, and I started reading more and started watching youtube videos related to business, after my summer vacations over of 12th I took admission in BMS ( bachelor of management studies ). so in the first semester of BMS, I tried to execute so of my business ideas, but I was unable to do so because I was clueless about how to execute it so I left it, then comes the second semester, here my life turned in a different path, there was a girl in my class, I started liking her, but we not used to talk because we both were unknown to each other ( I will not mention her name here because of some personal reasons ), then after some days we started talking, then slowly our friendship grew, we used to sit on the same bench in the classroom, I still love that movement, she was very kind to me, she used to talk with me so sweetly, we slowly started getting to know each other, then a time came I was like dude you are in love, then I was like should I express it to her but I stopped myself and I didn’t, in the second semester I was totally into her. Then a thought hit me, Rahul, what the hell you doing, focus on entrepreneurship. Then I shifted my focus back to entrepreneurship, so here ends the first year of my BMS, then comes the second year, in this year I found my co-founder, he is soo ambitious towards entrepreneurship, I was like thank you soo.. much god. In the first year, I tried to find co-founder, I talked to many people in BMS, but I found that no one is interested in being an entrepreneur and run a company, I talked to every student in BMS to find a co-founder but I missed only a single person and in the second year he found me, I was soo means soo happy. we started discussing business plans, our friendship also started growing, we executed some business plans, we got little success in some of them, and in that same year (2nd) something happened and that totally ruined me I was totally broken, as I mentioned earlier that I was in love with a girl. I proposed her in 2nd year and she clearly rejected, I got soo badly hurt, I perceived so many times but her answer was always the same NO. After some months she also started getting to know how much I love her, but then also her answer was the same as it was earlier. It took me a hell lot of time to get out of that state because I was deeply in love with her. Then again I started focusing on entrepreneurship and now we are a team of three and executing a business plan and I am pretty sure that it will be successful. I will be telling my further story here only soo plz stay tuned on this website, and thank you so much for reading my journey, please share it as much as possible it means a lot to me.

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