PUBG Revenue Model |How PUBG Earns Billions

In this blog, you will get to know about the revenue model of PUBG and how exactly PUBG earns billions of dollars by you.

In the human brain, there are some chemical which causes happiness (name of the chemicals are) –

  • Dopamine.
  • Oxytocin.
  • Serotonin.
  • Endorphins.

“Happiness is the most valuable drug of the 21st century.”

Each and every chemical plays a different role in happiness, and GAMER BUILDER uses these chemicals very creatively. Hence,  All four chemicals are the chemical which causes a feeling of how do game makers use these things?.

As we all know every human being craves happiness and happiness gets from rewards success and there other’s things too which game makers know exactly.

When you play PUBG, you play with an unknown person (it may be a girl or a boy)and you can talk with them in a field where anybody can shoot you, or you can create a team. These make you feel a virtual hero, even though some people are not doing anything in life but while playing a game in which they are good. Hence, they feel joy, pleasurable and get the feeling of importance which is the greatest feeling which every human being craves for.

Reward system.

Reward also causes relishing the happy chemical. (pubg is very famous In terms of “winner-winner chicken dinner” slogan) if you win in-game you’ll get the reward of a virtual chicken dinner. So all these were the science part.

Now let’s get a look at how and from where pubg earn:-

1. Voice data.

Pubg make money from “voice” for example:- “while playing if your mic Is on, while you are playing on you television the ads of (cock) is running, this voice collected by pubg and sell it to the companies” These help other companies to target their audience properly.

2. PUBG also earns via Music

Pubg sponsors background music and makes money from that.

3. PUBG offers In-App Purchase.

In-app purchase is UC and you also can buy skin by doing the payment.

Hence these all thing is not as worthless as it sounds. The UC and all make a game on the next level.

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