Rivigo the Gurugram based startup became a member of the Unicorn club. Till now Rivigo is successfully able to raise total funding of $180 million. Warburg Pincus an American private equity firm and SAIF the existing investors have invested $65 million in this disruptive startup which helped Rivigo to become the Unicorn start-up.


Deepak Garg after earning a degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and also from the Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow was ready with his entrepreneurial ambitions. Deepak had been a part of McKinsey Firm for over a decade and was deeply connected with Engineering and Automobile sector.

So one day Deepak was sitting in his Gurugram office and he comes up with an idea to build a “Marketplace for Freight”, so this was the origin of billion-dollar company Rivigo. In order to plan this idea Garg spent time on highways literally with the truck drivers, he quickly realized the problems prevailing in the trucking industry, driver shortage.

Garg often founded that people avoided this profession because of the daunting work schedule, Women often refused to marry them said some drivers.


Garg’s solution for this problem was very straightforward: he established the “Relay system” partly inspired by Indian Railways wherein the driver would be driving for not more than 4-5 hours a day.

Within months Garg Turned this Relay model into Rivigo a Transportation start-up, now operates with 4000 drivers and 2100 trucks covering over 29000 pin codes spread over the entire country.

The Rivigo drivers ( whom company addresses as “Pilots”) at the end of his shift had to hand-over the truck to a new driver before driving another vehicle back to where he came from. The drivers of Rivigo are Disciplined, Uniform clad, take a 45mins break and drive for more 4hours and reach home on the same day.


RIVIGO was founded in August 2014 by Deepak Garg and Co-founder Gazal Kalra, she is also an MBA Graduate from Stanford School of Business and a McKinsey Alumna.

The Idea that led to the formation of this billion-dollar company was to make truck driving occupation more gracious, humane and a model where drivers would have to work not more than 6-7 hours at stretch and would reach home same day itself.

When Gard told his idea to Truck drivers they were like ‘Sir, Sir take my number’, ‘This will definitely work’ others said.


The mobile App of Rivigo for its pilots is providing a solution to all their problems. The app is available in 11 different languages and the app is more of images than text. In addition drivers wives were satisfied with the changed routine of their husbands as now they reach home on the same day.

Every Rivigo truck is Attached with at least 3 sensors that monitor fuel consumption and vehicles coolant level and GPS information which provides ease to the drivers and making their life easy.

Rivigo can deliver Goods in between 50% – 60% less time than others. Delhi to Mumbai takes 4days for others , Rivigo takes 24hours , Delhi to Bangalore takes 8-9 days , Rivigo can deliver in 3-4 days.

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