Steve Jobs best life and business lessons

Steve Jobs was the top visionary entrepreneur on this planet. We all praised Jobs he is the most celebrated entrepreneur, but do you know why he dropout out?. He had the chance to study from Harvard University, but, he refused.

Many people were inspired by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, dropping out of college to start their own company. Hence, many people tried and failed really bad. The saddest part of it is many people fail and fail and the circle goes round and round and then they got confused and become the life failures. “They failed not because they didn’t try, they failed because they have a lack of understanding”

“it often says, the people with high IQ do not believe in god,

But not believe in God will not make you intelligent. – Kunal shah” (founder-Freecharge)

So this article is about “seek first to understand and then understood.- Stephen covey”

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